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Do you know Sashimi?


Sashimi is one of the very popular Japanese cuisine. As Japan is surrounded by ocean, you can try various kind of fresh seafood. For people who are resistant to eat raw fish, there are also lots of cooked foods properly. But If you come to Japan, please try to have sashimi! That will be a […]

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Indian vege-meal in Japan!

indian vege meal

Do you think that you can have only Japanese food in Japan? Please do not worry. There are many Indian restaurants  in Japan. If you want, you can even travel all around Japan having Indian food everyday! And JET can arrange the meals according to your request. Your vegetarian customers also will be able to […]

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“Bento” and “Bento Box”


In Japan, the lunch box called “Bento” has been eaten for a long time. And it is became popular in overseas country these days. Foreign customers seem to be interested in the “Bento Box” too. Please try to have bento during your stay in Japan, which is beautiful and tasty. If you like it, you […]

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