Message from the President

Service and Solution are our credo

Yasuhiro Kurosaki, President and CEO
Yasuhiro Kurosaki, President and CEO

Since Japan e-Tours was established, our company credo has been “to provide the best travel service for the guest” and “to prepare the best solution to the client”.

The number of customers who come to Japan has expanded with the years. However, the system to satisfy customers who have various religions and customs is not in place.

In this diverse, fast-changing world, we strongly conscious “to give the best solution to fulfill the guest’s expectation”. We have Japanese staff with high knowledge and skills and foreign staff who can grasp customer’s wishes and circumstances. Our solution is their cooperation to prepare the best travel experience for your customers.

We have diversity, we can understand

For foreign customers, especially from India, we can easily understand their religious reason, circumstance, and preference. Because we are the company with diversity and Japanese and Indian staffs have been working together for almost 10 years.

In overseas traveling, we often face to the difference in culture and customs, but at our company, we feel it everyday without going on a trip. So for us, this credo is not just a concept; it is a compass which guides us in everything what we do.


Yasuhiro Kurosaki, President and CEO